Being Grateful for the Stuff That’s Invisible

Being Grateful for the Stuff That’s Invisible


Don’t it always seem to go that you don’t know what you got ’til it’s gone?

In the span of less than a year, I became a parent, left my job, and moved from a big city to a small town of about 3,500.  I traded in my life of happy hours, high-end restaurants and theater performances for diapers, baby food and story time at the library.  I wouldn’t trade my life for anything in the world, but it’s been a pretty dramatic lifestyle change.  From my new vantage point I can see with new clarity all the things I took for granted in my “old” life.

I now work from home part-time, and most people think they’d do the same in a heartbeat if they had the chance.  But working from home has made me acutely aware of all the things that are awesome about working in an office – the morning chats with coworkers, the potlucks and holiday parties, the lunchtime gossip sessions.   Having coworkers Read more