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I’m a mom of two sharing my failures, triumphs and musings on my journey through motherhood. In a world where those with the most extreme opinions seem to scream the loudest, I believe the taking a moderate position on most issues tends to give you the best results. I care deeply about my kids’ nutrition, but I didn’t make all their baby food from scratch. I am fully committed to the importance of breastfeeding, but I supplemented with formula when it was necessary. I want to help my kids learn in our everyday interactions, but I’m not going to spend hours of my life making “sensory jars.”

When I first became a mom, those early months were beautiful but also completely overwhelming. I had SO many questions about whether I was doing things right, and the internet experts seemed to always be telling me that the answer was an emphatic “no!” Nursing your baby to sleep? They’ll never learn to sleep on their own!! Letting baby sleep with you in the bed? You are putting them in imminent danger!!

I felt so lost and confused, and found no validation for my own experience in the real-world new baby trenches. As my son grew older and I got a clearer perspective, I knew I wanted to be a voice for other moms like me – those that don’t always follow the experts’ rules by the book but genuinely want to do best by our kids.


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